How long do your grouting services take?

Estimating the length of time a project will take is very difficult to do sight unseen.  There are a host of factors that can play a role in determining the required time, including: size of the room, level of difficulty, effects of weather,problems underneath the tiling, etc. As each case is unique, PRO GROUT provides you with a FREE inspection and intensive consultation in order to determine both the cost of the project and length of time for completion of the work involved.

Why should I seal my grout?

Grout sealing will not only protect the new grout from stains and dirt which can cause your grout to look dingy, but it will also promote longevity and sheen for your tile and grout. Most importantly, it will save you a lot of effort in cleaning complexities and costs down the road. Additionally, we warranty our PRO GROUT Super Color Stain Sealer for 12 months. This way you are protected.

Do you warranty your work?

We here at PRO GROUT take great pride in making sure that YOU are 100% satisfied with your tile work. As our client, we won’t rest until you are happy with the results of the job.  Even after we’ve packed up our tools and left your home – if you see something you’re not happy with, just let us know and we will return to make it right. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Our PRO GROUT Super Color Stain Sealer is warrantied for 12 months.

Can I just bleach or steam clean my grout?

No!  This is the worst thing you can do to your grout! Bleaching and other invasive chemicals can cause harmful consequences to your grout and tiling.  Bleach is extremely harsh and can cause your grout to dissolve and deteriorate very quickly.  Steam cleaning is also very abrasive and will compromise the overall uniformity and integrity of your grout.  This can open the door for bacteria and water damage to emerge from the sub-surface and result in repairs costing you thousands of dollars and weeks to fix. By comparison, the cleaning agents Pro Grout uses are gentle on grout and have a unique bonding agent that keeps the grout solid and safe.

Can I change the color of my grout?

Yes, of course!  We offer recoloring with our PRO GROUT Super Color Stain Sealer service.

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